Our Food and beverage services sector contributes a great deal to the profits in hospitality industry. … The F&B Services that we provide delivers unique expertise for the improvement of our customers business .The Casual Food & Beverage Assistance that we provide is responsible for working in all areas of Food and Beverage as needed to deliver an excellent Guest and Member experience while working to achieve departmental targets.

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La Boucherie

The Traditional butchery decor decorated with tiles and earthenware, red and white striped stores, menu all meat printed in leather, boys in butcher’s clothing, a wooden pencil in the ear has given its customers the biggest & effective feeling of a true traditional steakhouse. The Meat used for the meal of this restaurant are carefully chosen that’s why they have the best meat available. La Boucherie is well-known for its aged beef and high quality of the material they use , also they have a variety of sauces recommended with the steaks. This restaurant provides a variety of meat platters, burgers , Steaks followed by tempting deserts.