” Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak ”
While looking at images of the world’s most impeccably dressed women is certainly the express lane to fashion inspiration, style is sometimes as much about intellectualization as it is about aesthetic appeal.We all need fashion inspiration to accept ourselves & dress up in clothes that express our personality. Over the decades, designers and style icons have dropped words of wisdom that can be applied to styling not just our outfits but our lives. Our team thrives to take you through this journey.

Our projects

Rosha Department store ever established in Iran:

Rosha department Store was established in September 2016 by several Iranian entrepreneurs in one of Tehran’s best locations. The establishment is a lightweight retail store that brings together a variety of brands under integrated management and allows customers to choose between different branded products. Rosha has introduced well-known brands with the highest quality from Iranian and International suppliers as well as new sales policies to meet the diverse taste of all customers. Rosha has focused on maximizing customer satisfaction by creating a new experience of enjoyable shopping. The Department store consists of a Super market, Coffee Shop & Restaurants & also has a gym on the building site.

GF Floor Beauty, Jewelry & Accessories

  • A variety of Perfume & Make up from International brands are available on this floor , followed by Shoes & Bags available for Men & Women.

Ground Floor – Womens Wear

  • A variety of French & other international brands are available on the Ground Floor giving all the ladies the ability to choose from the latest trends

First Floor – Mens and Kids Wear

  • The first floor has a wide range of men’s clothing to offer which allows you to find the perfect outfit for every occasion. You’ll find a wide range of formal & casual clothing with a collection of great shirts for work, and much more.
  • The Second floor offers great value, high quality and stylish kids’ clothing for boys, girls and baby, with a fabulous range for special occasions.

Secend Floor – Sports Wear By GO Sport


  • Go Sport is one of the biggest leading groups in providing sporting products from the biggest brands worldwide.
    All the clothing and equipment suiting our customers convenience can be found on this floor .

Our Project with TATI


▪TATI begins reinventing itself in 2010

▪Expansion of the range of Product: Fashion, Beauty, Bridal, Decoration and Linens, A better positioning meeting consumer expectations. TATI activity is focused on clearance, End of stock and Rummage retail bins

A Strong Development and a strategy to expand worldwide

▪ Collections structured and built on trends and designers

▪ Better product merchandising in the store and on the web

▪ A sourcing strategy focused on quality and price

▪ Be 30% less expensive than the competitors

▪ Development plan: 10 stores over 5 years

2016 • 1st store opened in Palladium Mall in Tehran

2016 • 2nd store opened in Saba Mall Complex in Tehran

2017 • 3rd store opened in Bamland

Our project with Pimkie


▪French retailer founded in 1971, ever since it has loved fashion and focused closely on the customer needs

▪ Pimkie is synonymous with affordable, feminine, modern, and natural fashion, one that is constantly evolving and offers excellent “value for money”  accessories for any occasion

▪ Development plan:

2015 • 1st store opened in Rosha Center in Tehran

2016 • 2nd store opened in Eram Hyperstar in Tehran

2018 • 3rd store will open in Iran Mall

Our partnership with Happychic

About Happychic

▪A French multichannel fashion firm belonging to the Association Familiale Mulliez (AFM)

▪Leader in men’s ready-to-wear in France

▪Umbrella organisation for 4 brands gathered in a multistore Happychic

▪ A concept that implements a new global shopping experience


▪ Win over the men’s ready-to-wear market in France and abroad

Our project with Brice

About Brice

▪A brand for men wanting to look classy and attractive without going over the top

▪207 stores with a presence in 4 countries and more than 1,106 employees

▪3 styles: classic, modern, trendy Since 2010, Brice is part of the group HAPPYCHIC

Mission and values

▪Brice accompanies all men who want to feel attractive and classes by providing an accessible fashion, masculine and elegant.

2015 • 1st store opened in Rosha Center in Tehran

2015 • 2nd store will open in Hyperstarr 2

Our project with Jules

About The Brand:

It all started in year 2000. Back then, men’s fashion was still only accessible to a microcosm of style-conscious initiates. For the vast majority of men, paying attention to what they wore was of-ten seen as something they had to do for work or a particular occasion. It was this observation that gave rise to the Jules concept. The idea was to breathe life into the men’s apparel market by offering men an alter-native in the form of fun,colourful, affordable clothes that are both sty-lish and accessible. Jules wanted to transform the act of buying men’s clothes from a tedious task into a fun, enjoyable experience.

Mission and values

A man is always good-looking in a woman’s eyes. Warm-hearted – Popular – Refreshing – Playful – Enthusiastic. Tenderness – Humor – Complicity – Couple seduction.

Our project with Group Etam

▪Group Etam is a major player in women’s fashion around the world

▪Three brands that cover complementary markets and offer well-recognized expertise in lingerie and beauty, clothing and


▪A women’s undergarments retailer created in 1928 and the main brand of the Etam Group

▪ Offers fashionable and sophisticated lingerie that makes women happy and beautiful

▪ One of the leaders in the French market

▪ Started its international development in the 90s Mission

▪To offer collections that reflect the latest trends, while remaining accessible Target

▪ Women desiring an easy and feminine style

• 1st store opened in Rosha in Tehran

• 2nd store will open in Tehran

Our project with Sergent Major


▪Created in 1987 by Paul Zemmour, the current Chairman and Managing Director, the brand is linked to the essential values of childhood.

▪The leading children’s wear brand in France, along with the brand Du Pareil au Même.


▪To offer a product that is constantly adapted to the needs of mothers and their children.

▪ Report an optimum quality to price ratio.


▪Consumers who are looking for sophisticated quality clothing at affordable prices for their newborns and young children.

▪ Development plan:

2014 • 1st store opened in Eram Hypersatar center in Tehran

2015 • 2 nd store opened in Rosha Center in Tehran

2016 • 3rd store opened in Arg mall inTehran

2018 • 4th store will open in Iran Mall

Our project with DPAM

About DPAM

▪Both creator and distributor with 3 store concepts, children, baby and shoes.

▪ Positioned as the 0 to 14 children’s specialist.

▪ Products focused on four criteria: “ Quality, affordable, stylish and with choice ”.

Mission and values

▪ Designed for the children to respect their expectations and their needs.

“ The children are not adults, we propose an offer which corresponds to them ”

▪Development plan: 10 stores over 5 years

2015 • 1st store opened in Rosha Center in Tehran

2018 • 2nd store will open in Arg mall inTehran

Our project with MOA

The Brand MOA

MOA is undoubtedly more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle!
MOA is the only French accessory brand that proposes to all women the latest fashion trends at attractive prices. Because of its success, MOA is not only present in France, but also in Spain, Iceland, Armenia , Romania, Panama, Curacao, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon. MOA is for modern, dynamic, stylish, fresh and glamor girls. Because fashion is our universe and we want to share with you. MOA proposes four collections per year of different persuasions and varieties. Your satisfaction is our priority. MOA has a unusual touch, a close brand, definitely fashion accessories, simply essential!

Products MOA

Provides sun glasses, necklaces, scarfs, earrings, hats, watches, hair accessories and belts among others products. A joint venture with some groups specializing in fashion led to set a creative team that brings a wider design expertise of our collections. Today, each product manager is in charge of his or her own family of products, working closely with designers who travel the world on a constant quest for new trends, merchandisers who prepare the ambiance of the boutiques, and the style director who coordinates the coherence of the whole collection. Our collections are designed so each woman can find the essential accessories she needs, the ones that fit perfectly with her genuinely pretty yet laid back nature and personality.

▪Development plan: 10 stores over 5 years

2017 . 1st store concession in Rosha Center in Tehran

2018 .2nd store will opened in Hyper Market inTehran