Andarz Consulting

Andarz Consulting is a strong experienced company focused on working with retail companies in the European and Iranian markets. We are specialized in providing expertise to European companies which are seeking to enter the Iranian market, through either exclusive distribution, franchise, or partnership investment .

  • Our Team is fluent in Farsi, French, Swedish and English and ensure an efficient exchange between our partners. We support. our clients both Domestic & International during the key milestones in their business activities or in a creation of a new business unit while providing them with A-Z assistance through out the process .
  • Andarz started its contribution & partnership in Paris with successful well-known brands in year 2011 followed by that then the Tehran office was setup. In a matter of few years we have come very far and established ourselves as one of the significant players in our sphere of activities specializing in branding from highly dependable sources while having long lasting business relations and a healthy & wide-spread client base. We are uniquely positioned to lead and develop various new market opportunities & trade with the international markets in Iran and to provide unmatched level of supports and services for our clients. Our corporate office is based in Tehran , while we also have an office based in Paris focusing on potential brands in Europe .

Our Business Procedure

The core focus of our company is to introduce the Market of Iran to our International clients by providing them with marketing studies based on the clients expectations. Retail industries are currently growing rapidly in Iran, while today’s generation is more active and also more concerned about their appearance. They have a perceived need to maintain a good look based on International trends and brands, while purchasing products at a premium price. Due to the high potential in Iran’s retail market we have the responsibility to introduce these opportunities to our international clients. Our team constantly strives to meet the well-being needs of its clients We have a well-trained team with an exclusive high quality network and offer the best services available .

Steps of Procedure

Research and identify potential brands

Brand Presentation

Client Confirmation

Negotiation between Andarz & the Client

Client visit to Iran

Step 1

 Research and identify potential brands which are available in the international market

We have the responsibility to research the international market and identify the suitable brands that meet the expectations of the Iranian consumer’s. Our purpose in this step is to provide sufficient information about Iran’s market potential, the candidate’s capacity and the future success of the project in our first meeting. Both our team members in Iran & France will work on the description of the sector of the activity (ex: retail in Iran)

Step 2

Brand Presentation

Both our team in France & Iran will work closely with our international client in order to prepare a company profile that will adapt to the target audience. The goal is to provide a clear vision in regards to the most important aspects of Iran’s current market situation.

Step 3

Our client’s confirmation

Once receiving the clients confirmation on the selected brand, we will then present the brand details, history and information to the client through a brand briefing session. A presentation will then be prepared to be presented to the European company by our team. At this step a detailed business plan might be asked by our international client from the potential partner in Iran. This is required in order for them to understand the feasibility of the project. We provide our client and his potential partner with a detailed business plan including the following aspects:
✓ Main strategies ✓ Operational ✓ Sales ✓ Distribution ✓ Marketing ✓ Financial ✓ Developing plans ✓ Action plan

Step 4

Negotiation between Andarz & the Client

Once all the beginning steps have been confirmed and the brand is ready to take its role in being established in Iran, Andarz & the domestic client will enter the legal step of the procedure.
✓ Commercial ✓ Legal
Our legal team is composed of lawyers specialized in international and commercial law while also being fluent in Farsi, French and English as well as being familiar with the rules and regulations of the country Iran. The legal roles are as followed:

Step 5

Request for International Clients Visit to Iran

In this step, the international organization might make this decision to take a trip to Iran to see the project and the Iranian side of business in person. Our team will assist you and the International party in all stages of this procedure providing all the requirements needed.

Brand and oprations Managers

Each brand is lead by an experienced and responsible individual trained in analyzing brand positioning and using these insights to understand consumer expectations. As brand “owners” they are the champions of the vision, mission, goals and strategies. In order to support the brand in all markets, they translate brand strategies in to brand plans and engage international partners.

Our clients